Wear your Castilion School uniform with pride.

Our Uniform is supplied by Mapac - please click on the link below to access the website


  • Children are not permitted to wear clothing that has Logos on it (this includes fashionable brand names or strips). 
  • Children are no longer required to wear white shirts, they can now wear white polo tops. Children can continue to wear the shirts they have until they are ready to be replaced.
  • Children are no longer required to wear ties.

All children should wear clothing that is in keeping with a purposeful learning ethos and is based on the following principles:

  • Promotes a sense of pride amongst the children in the school
  • Engenders a feeling of community and belonging
  • Is practical and smart
  • Identifies the children with the school
  • Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • Is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents
  • Has been designed with health and safety in mind.
  • Impacts positively on attitudes to learning

Please note that it is not compulsory to purchase logo items of school uniform, you may purchase plain uniform items from a shop of your choice - something that we actively encourage you to do.

Second-hand uniforms can benefit all parents, particularly those on low incomes. In addition, by extending the life of garments, it is more sustainable. 

Shorts, trousers, dresses, skirts


Grey school trousers

Grey school shorts in the summer

Grey school skirt/tunic/trousers

Green & white check dress in the summer




White polo shirt

Bottle green cardigan or school sweatshirt



Socks and tights

 Grey socks with trousers and shorts

White socks and tights with skirts and dresses


Black school shoes

No trainers or the equivalent

Children are not allowed to wear boots

Please note: Shoes should not have flashing lights. 

Sandals and other open footwear are not allowed at any time of the year.

PE - children should come into school wearing their PE kit on days they have PE lessons

Indoor PE: 

Black shorts

White T-Shirt

Bare feet

Black leotards are acceptable for children in Key Stage 2 (if they can change in and out of these quickly)


Outdoor PE: 

Black shorts

White T-Shirt

Black plimsolls or training shoes

Socks ONLY - No tights


In colder weather (the following is allowed):

Children may wear a green fleece (with or without a school logo) or a plain black tracksuit top / fleece / hoodie with black jogging bottoms over their shorts and t shirt.

Water Bottles

Please provide your child with a clear plastic, push-up top water bottle.


For health and safety reasons, please do not send your child to school wearing jewellery. If your child has already had his/her ears pierced, they may only wear plain studs, with no stones.


Children may only wear plain, small, watches that only tell the time and do not allow any other activity to be accessed.


Children should come to school with sensible haircuts. Skin-head, Mohican, motif haircuts, dyed hair and coloured extensions are not permitted.

Children may wear plain beads but these must be tied back.

Hair accessories should only be worn in order to keep hair tied back, they should be discreet and plain coloured (black/white/green)

Nail varnish and make-up MUST NOT be worn. 


Children need a green, flat book bag – no backpacks please.  These should be clearly named on the outside.  School book bags are available in the Mapac website: https://www.mapac.com/education/parents/uniform/castilionprimaryschoolse288qa