The Trust

 The Amadeus Primary Academies Trust is local, inclusive, collaborative and evolving.                                             Driven by specialist primary leaders and teachers who ensure the quality of our teaching is excellent.                     We are a Multi-Academy Trust of primary schools in Bexley and Bromley.

 Each school within APAT is an Academy and retains its individual character and ethos. The six like-minded,   successful Primary Schools work together to build on their shared outstanding practice and support each other in the common goal of improving teaching and learning.

Our schools exist to serve all our children and young people, to nurture them to become everything they can and are meant to be.  Our vision is that all our young people become responsible, caring and compassionate citizens, neighbours, friends, and parents; who live their lives in love, faith and hope; who are generous of spirit, respectful of others and committed to justice and equality; who are courageous and ready to stand up for what is right.

ADDRESS: c/o Old Bexley CE Primary School, Hurst Road, Bexley DA5 3JR

PHONE: 01322 923172

To read more about the Trust please go to our website: Amadeus Primary Academies Trust Website

To view, our current vacancies follow this link: APAT Vacancies